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How To Build The Perfect Share Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas, So Easy !

Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas
Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas

The Perfect Share Garden Outdoor Great Home IdeasGrowing Gardens’ Home Gardens Program is a three-year program that is free to Portland residents with limited resources.

Buying seeds, plants, grow lights, soil, tillers, watering hoses, shovels, pruners, soil amendments, fertilizer, and materials for raised beds, you can easily sink hundreds even thousands of dollars into your garden.

To cut down even further on the cost of soil, avoid it altogether and go with a mix of compost, peat moss, and vermiculite called Mel’s Mix after its inventor, Mel Bartholomew, author of Square Foot Gardening. Mix equal parts compost, peat moss, and vermiculite, a natural mineral that helps aerate and hold moisture in the soil.

Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas
Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas

Just add some soil to a container, plant the seed according to the package directions, set it in a sunny windowsill, water regularly, and be pleasantly surprised when something sprouts in a few days, weeks, or a month, depending on the fruit or vegetable.

Don't worry about the quality of the soil or dirt in your yard, because you won't be using it in your garden beds Bartholomew recommends "Mel's Mix," which is 1/3 blended compost, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 coarse vermiculte mix.

The house they've built a granny flat so a little bit can come back in so you guys are gonna live in the big house and ran out the other way around a year ago I was even more important that we get this right because you're gonna use the earth doors a lot with such a small house what would you hope for if you can say here's.

Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas
Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas

The wish list for the garden a lawn would be good somebody to come out have a coffee look big and scary Wow this good times decking system is great night for any DIY if you're not used to build a new deck yeah there's no better way to go basically it comes in modular systems yeah we just screw em together as many as you need to fill up the space that you're doing yeah take them out.

The back and we'll put them in place how beautiful yeah so flexible exactly very flexible you wanna give us an screw together the way I like it I get much easier than that we're gonna be a fifty-two game right you know when your kids and your parents say not to play with guns yeah I never did but I did with paint guns because these are a ton of fun just put eyes on to protect yourself from spray bait they're not as scary as.

Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas
Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas

The airless ones just a trigger here comes that nice and gentle you're gonna make sure you don't get me around we're gonna define that line then card it with a hitch but just I think the two different color fences.

The house besides you tall memory confidence you're in charge I might the reason water system so easy as you can see you know could pick any holes these feet will sit directly on those pavers that's what makes it removable yeah so we'll just live with those papers out in the ground then we just sit.

The feet on we'll get our levels right then just drawing them all up sound good sounds good so you can say you can just bring the legs up Wow you get it one day son coming up a little Adam puts the finishing touches to his entertaining deck and marina and I build some raised garden beds.

Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas
Garden Outdoor Great Home Ideas

The end of this should be landscape where Tony won backyard Institute marina in Allen i've had a great idea they're gonna rent out their main house and living the granny flat while they kid-free in other words pay their mortgage down quicker hello I have never seen and you build with fantastic soil so rather than going down and cursing it I'm gonna go up and enjoy.

It i've got these pre-cut ready to go raised garden beds with the two Gardens I'm happy that they look similar but I do want points of difference on the side web marina and Alan are living I'm gonna put some screens of this powdered aluminium with this kind of pebble cut out on that dark fence with a mirror behind it it a little speciality.

They're easy to work with and that's great because I gotta get out of there doing figure out everything at Bunnings i've had my fun I'm gonna get back to it so if you want that lush green look you're talking about for the garden I think we need to raise the home garden beds so we can guarantee the soil that they're being planted all right so this is a little system from birdies where everything's done for you they've.

Kind of come with a check out so they're keyed in and all you need to do is with one of these PVC rods is slide it through the base of each of the holes and then that'll tie the next one together and you can go and make corners or you can make straight lines so I think we'll make that one width wide and three long see here we go we can do that out here and carry it in that means the boys can have a crack on.

Inside sounds good I passed another Rawdon to slide it through there by the end of this you'll be a landscaper one of these straps to loosen they just stop it from bellowing out like we can make that nice and tight and it means that the bottom is not gonna push out when we feel the soil implants you're quicker.

Than me the easiest husband all right sounds good muscles Maryna what do you think of the crushed granite I love it it's very practical by the time we put the raised garden beds in here you'd only have tiny little strips if we look at assessment raised garden beds means more shadow leggy grass to the look wavy yeah this is low-maintenance with our DK granite level we can put the other two garden beds in.

But these guys are much bigger and heavier so we're building them right where we want them to be for the rent assad we want to make it look neat and presentable as well in paving pipe is a cheap and easy way to do just that and that means we need something to sit on so i'm making a tree pine frame for a built-in bench seat and to finish off the planter box and the bench seat I'm using the same boards as I.

Have on the deck that way everything tidy and I think this looks fantastic a nice place to sit and relax the only thing missing is a little bit of greenery in these planter boxes I think all the way back to Jase you know as far as creating two separate spaces into courtyards I'm gonna build a temporary fence but.

A good if you post it each and wanted and then I'm gonna line it with reimage but as far as putting the rail up well this is gonna be really good access to get in the turf the soil mirrors they're great for checking yourself out but what else are they good for well when you're working in a small area they.

Can actually give you the feeling of more space so I'm gonna be making up some screens i've got some marine floor I'm just running the aluminum angle around the edges then i'll silicon the mirrors in place it's a decorative screen on top and that's going to make their backyard look tip-top this is the renters.

Backyard but here is marina and Alice bathroom if they ever decide to open up this window the neighbors are gonna get a bird's-eye view so to stop that I'm putting up a screw job done even though it was only a granny flat it was still a building site and there's not a builder in the country that thinks.

About the garden when they're trying to throw up a house that's why this is compacted they bring the brick II sand nice and close for the bricklayers and all the materials here and so this has been a storage yard for the last six months what we need to do is make it a garden you can drop your soil on top like that and just plant straight into it it's like icing a bad cake or you can turn it over mix it into the first.

Layer of soil it doesn't look as pretty but the plants are gonna love it we're putting in a curb garden bed which will soften the lines of the fence and create enough space in the corner to plant a tree because one thing this garden really needs it helps to go up a simple frame out of Rio give the climber.

Something to hang on to and it'll hide the share a link of paint on the planter boxes ties the garden in with the fence now that's a good looking garden or it will be once the plants are in look at this no more jumping on spades trying to break up clods of soil just beautiful free draining tub mix so the advantage.

Of having raised garden beds you can plan into beautiful soil and you're not bending your knees when you're back to get to your projects lots of people might look at this and think why would you put a little piece of grass into a courtyard like this well I reckon it just softens everything so much means you can.

Take your shoes off lie on it and actually cools down the house as far as maintenance goes up who wouldn't bother with a mower let's get a whipper snipper once a week just float over the top of it do the edges and you will have the best lawn in the street or beat a small lawn that's us almost done just the.

Final dividing fence and some pretty up to go and we can show it off to marina and Alan few please a little bit of a dick does one set the front Adam they all the Xperia Mike do you know you're looking for a nice now that's what I call a garden make it well to God really it's such a small area we've created a useable green space somewhere relax and somewhere to rest your eyes it looks so much privacy there.

Already so I'm glad that the renter's also get a nice garden when I'm just being selfish just having a nice area like this we're also giving back to the renters and I think they'll help when it comes to renting the house there's value.

There so yeah definitely cheering when you got a big family you can choose between the two that's right you have to choose very good spot yeah I don't think we'll ever give this space up I love it thanks a lot guys.


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