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My Seedlings Are Not Growing

Keep the lights as close to the seedlings as possible without touching them 2 to 3 inches. I have them in the house and they are under lights 12 to 13 hours a day.

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Give them a little while and see if they come out of it.

My seedlings are not growing. Leggy seedlings are when the plant is long and thin and not growing straight up. But those Jiffy peat pots are also seedling killers. Since then they seemed to have stopped growing.

When seedlings first appear keep the lights turned on for 12 to 16 hours per day. I planted three types of heirloom tomato seedlings about 6 to 8 weeks ago. These are the ones in the green planters in the picture.

If its the seedling leaves wouldnt worry about it. We have some techniques to ensure seedling growth. 6 days ago I repotted some chilli seedlings after they started showing their 3rd pair of leaves.

The plants are overcrowded. As a matter of fact excess of anything is awful. If you have grow lights its better to have them a few inches above the plants and raise them as the plant grows.

We are here to give you the solutions to your problem. These mistakes are very common and not something to feel bad about. We usually say fluorescent tubes 2 or 3 inches above the plants on for 16 hrs a day.

Try using a liquid fertilizer if your seedlings have stopped growing Marv Bondarowicz2007 Rainy as it is spring has sprung and that means gardening will start ramping up. Then about three weeks later each seedling. Even a few hours without water can slow a seedlings growth and after a day the plant may begin to curl its leaves to conserve moisture.

When you say The dirt has stayed moist not even drying out it sounds like they are probably staying too wet too much of the time. Seedlings that dont grow can be very frustrating. In case you are wondering why your tomato seedlings not growing do not fret.

Overwatering under watering not enough light and more. But sometimes the stem is growing too tall weak and thin and cant support the weight of cotyledons anymore. Theyre about 3 inches tall with only 2 leaves.

You could reseed now and leave the plants there and if they come out of it just pull the new seedlings when they germinate. This is really easy to happen for the following reasons. They were the biggest seedlings at the time.

I left some of the slightly smaller seedlings in their original planter. Theres not enough light. After tomato Lycopersicon esculentum seeds germinate the seedlings emerge from soil and have a pair of small leaves called cotyledons.

The reason is simple. For the first few weeks they germinated and grew great but then they slowed and now they seem to have completely stopped growing. Most seedlings are tall and skinny and look vulnerable and generally its not a problem.

It is difficult to grow seedlings without supplemental light. The light source is too far away and the plant is reaching for light. As a result the long stem is not growing straight but sideways or even upside down.

Suspend the lights from chains so that you can raise the lights higher as the seedlings grow. Hot grow lights and the dry air inside heated homes can rapidly dehydrate plants too. Of course a tomato seedling needs water to thrive but too much water can lead to hindering its growth or in the worst case kill the plant.

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