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Jasmine Flower Types

The variety Jasminium sambac is a clustered flower of an equally strong scent known in Hawaii as the Pikake. The two types of Jasmine which are used for oil production are the Jasminum grandiflorum and Jasminum officinale.

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Types of Jasmine Flowers.

Jasmine flower types. Star jasmine Confederate jasmine or Trachelospermum Jasminoides as they are scientifically known are very small in height no more than 20 inches combined with dense foliage which makes it excellent for ground cover. The most common types of jasmine are vines but there are some varieties that you can grow as shrubs or ground covers. Most are shrubs or vines.

The leaves are stiff and the foliage is spiny and sometimes mottled. It bears scented white flowers from. This is the type of jasmine used for tea.

The most common species is known as Queens Tears. Mesnyi is a similar plant with larger flowers that bloom during the winter. However these flowers dont have the intense fragrance jasmine plants are known for and have a very subtle scent.

Botanical Characteristics Colors Fragrances and Toxicity. Angel Wing Jasmine is native to Papua New Guinea. The fragrant dried flowers of Arabian jasmine J.

The flower spikes often droop with pink or red bracts that have green or blue flower petals. Sambac are used to make jasmine tea. Fun Facts About Jasmine Flowers Do you know.

Humile a vinelike shrub with yellow flowers has many cultivated varieties. There are about 200 species of jasmines. The Jasminum genus is further divided into the sections Alternifolia Jasminum Primulina Trifoliolata and Unifoliolata.

Italian jasmine J. Japanese or primrose jasmine J. 25 types of Jasmine Flowers that can be grown at home.

Royal jasmine has the largest flowers of all jasmines. Jasmine plants belong to the genus Jasminium a member of the Oleaceae or olive family. The other types of jasmine flowers include Jasminum Auricalatum Jasminum Abyssinicum Jasmine Subtriplinerve Jasminum Multipartitum and Jasminum Dichotomum.

It grows 5 to 6 feet 15-2 m tall. Jasmine Flower Meaning and Use. They are white in.

They have got various names like star jasmine windmill jasmine shining jasmine and Confederate jasmine. Common Jasmine Jasminum Officinale Angel Wing Jasmine Jasminum Nitidum Pink Jasmine Jasminum Polyanthum Royal Jasmine Jasminium Grandiflorum Showy Jasmine Jasminium Floridum How to Grow Jasmine Flowers. Sambac is an evergreen shrub with intensely fragrant flowers.

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