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My Zinnia Seedlings Are Leggy

If they are at all shaded they are forced to stretch to reach the light causing them to develop thin stems. Look for something with simple clean lines boxy and in good shape.

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Here is some pratical information on these basic problems.

My zinnia seedlings are leggy. Michaelangelo Brainerd MN May 10 2009 I may have let the zinnia seeds Id sown go a bit too long in the dome thing I use to germinate -- and now I think they are way leggy -- about 15 to 2 inches tall with only their first two leaves. To lower pH levels opt for acidic materials such as pine needles and peat moss. Once seedlings get too long and leggy many wonder if they can sink the stems lower in the soil once the plants are put outside.

Zinnias grown in the shade are often leggy and susceptible to mildew. People should know about the reasons and solution to this. Keeping them warm and in partially direct sunlight meaning 2-4 hours of direct light daily and non-direct for 2-4 more hours will keep your seedlings healthy.

Pinch early pinch often and your zinnias get bushy with lots of flowers. Water can burn leaves and cause problems with powdery mildew. If they are at all shaded they are.

The flowers are pretty but all summer they have been tall and leggy. Then if they are not the right color to match the coffee table either re-stain them they make products that can be applied over finishes or you can paint them an accent color maybe something from a throw pillow or blanket for the sofa. Tomorrow is about the soonest I can get to them to pot them into small containers.

There are several types of zinnias from the 10-inch mounding Mexican variety. Seedlings may also grow leggy if they are not adequately watered. Zinnias do not like getting their leaves wet.

Zinnias need many hours of bright direct sun to flourish. Overheating especially under a germination dome or on a heating mat can also cause a burst in growth that leads to legginess. Sprouts tend to leaf more if they dont have to climb towards the light.

We have zinnias grown from seed. In a similar vein poor soil with improper drainage can stunt growth as seedlings struggle to absorb the necessary water and nutrients. Either way the seedlings will get leggy.

Zinnia Problems Unfortunately in our quest for the perfect zinnia we may face certain problems along the way. Seedlings may also grow leggy if they are not adequately watered. I only bother growing the giants.

If you are growing seedlings indoors under lights adjust the fluorescent lights to remain only 3 or. If the problem is not solved many of them may die and. This will lead to a weaker plant so move them to a position where they will get lots of sunshine.

This works for tomato plants but most others cant be sunk into the ground in that way. In a similar vein poor soil with improper drainage can stunt growth as seedlings struggle to absorb the necessary water and. Why are my zinnia seedlings leggy.

If you dont pinch and they get leggy you can bend them horizontal and the branches will grow vertical also effectively giving you more flowering stems. Skinny Spindly Seedlings Need More Light or Need Pinching Zinnias need many hours of bright direct sun to flourish. Lack of proper lighting or access to direct sunlight is the most common cause of leggy seedlings.

Use drip irrigation rather than spraying them overhead. If you dont want to alter your soils pH plant your zinnias in. Skinny Spindly Seedlings Need More Light or Need Pinching.

If you need to lower your soils pH fast opt for sulfur. If youve sown your seeds undercover on a windowsill indoors they may not be getting a sufficient amount of direct light. Dont sow them too early as light levels wont be high enough to produce healthy.

It could be that the window you are growing your seedlings in does not provide enough light or it could be that the lights you are using as grow lights arent close enough to the seedling. At the most basic level leggy seedlings are caused by a lack of light. Legginess is a severe problem in Gardening.

So for plants such as zinnias for example that germinate and grow quickly they shouldnt be started before the end of April.

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